Want to Build an Efficient IT System?

Want to Build an Efficient IT System?

Leverage your IT services with time-saving software

There are two fundamental parts of all information technology (IT) services: hardware and software. Hardware refers to the tangible devices that sit on your desk or out of sight in an IT closet. Software is the system of commands that makes it all work. Without the right software, your IT is just a pile of circuit boards and metal casings.

Univo Data provides IT software to help support your business. Call now to find out what kind of IT software your business needs.

Make our hardware the foundation of your IT services

Every strong IT system is built on powerful and reliable hardware. Univo Data, Inc. carries a variety of IT hardware solutions appropriate for small businesses like yours. IT hardware includes:

  • Servers
  • Mainframe computers
  • Network interface controllers
  • Data storage devices
  • Power supply units

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